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ABOUT HER The Sea is her destiny. It's in the artist's choice of hometown, it's in her name, it's in her sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Fascinated by pulsating life, it was food that inspired her early work as graphic designer. Water is the muse of her paintings. Water is movement, light, weightlessness. It is the domain of fish, but also other animals and people. Compressed, stretched, free from constraints, marked by a different corporeality. In the water, the bottom becomes the sky and all creatures fly. Everything is transformed. A silent, unquiet world, where fishes are as elusive as thoughts and clouds, and nothing remains as it is.
Video edited by 'Setdart' on line auction house, october 2016
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BIOGRAPHY Born in Cagliari, Sardinia, she has been living and working in Barcelona, since 1991.

She studied graphic design in Cagliari (Istituto Europeo di Design) and New York (Fashion Institute of Technology) and worked as a graphic designer in Milan for two years before moving to Barcelona where she started her artistic career.

She is a self taught painter, working in oils, acrylics or watercolor. Attracted mostly by the theme of nature, she uses colors like vectors of her emotions. Water is the muse of her paintings. It is the domain of fish, but also other animals and people. She also likes to paint portraits after the Renaissance Masters, reinterpretated in a contemporary style.

She has exhibited in Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Slovenia and France. Her artworks are in many private collections around the world.
2022DELICARTESSEN21, Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
SOGNO BOTANICO, Jardín Botánico la Concepción, Málaga
MONDI PARALLELI, Hotel Aquadulci, Chia, Italia
2021NATALE IN VIAGGIO, collettiva T Hotel, Cagliari
DELICARTESSEN20, Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
COMPACT ART COLLECTION, Galeria Artenllà, Barcelona
2020DELICARTESSEN19, Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
2019DELICARTESSEN18, Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona
group exhibition, Eclectic gallery, London
2017COSMOLOGIA PESCINA Hotel Aquadulci, Chia, Sardinia
2016SVELATI collettiva T Hotel, Cagliari, Italia

2015"COLECTIVA DE NAVIDAD" galería ESPAI B, Barcelona, Spain

2014"IN MOVIMENTO" Akashi Gallery Barcelona, Spain

2013ALTA MAREA, Hotel Italia, Cagliari, Italia
SIRENES, Espai B, Barcelona, Spain
NEL SOGNO DEI PESCI, centro Ayurveda, Cagliari, Italia
2011COLLETTIVA SCOLLEGATA, studio Ricetto, Cagliari, Italia
2010COLECTIVA DE NADAL, Espai B, Barcelona
HORROR VACUI colectiva, GalerÍa Montcada, Barcelona
MAÇART13 colectiva de arte transfronterizo
RECICL'ART colectiva de arte reciclado, Restaurant Silenus, Barcelona
REGARDS FROM BARCELONA, colectiva, GalerÍa Montcada, Barcelona
2009COGITO ERGO SUMO, Galleria Spazio P, Cagliari, Italia
2008PESCI QUA E LÀ Galleria Spazio P, Cagliari
Workshop ARTITA 08, Pirano, Slovenia
2007COL.LECTIVA DE NADAL Galería Espai B, Barcelona
COL.LECTIVA D'ESTIU Galería Espai B, Barcelona
PISCIS, Anaconda, Milano
PISCIS, Anaconda Atelier, Paris
2006Workshop SEVERIA ART GALLERY Koper, Slovenia
Künstler Symposion Saarmesse, Saarbrucken, Alemania
Ospite programma ITALOSPAGNOLO con Fabio Volo, MTV Italia
2005FLORES Y OTROS BICHOS DE MI JARDIN, Galleria Small Bob, Cagliari
L'EROS DEGLI ARTISTI Galleria Small Bob, Cagliari
2004Colectiva, Espai Gorina, Sant Cugat del Vallés
Hotel Cristal Palace, Barcelona
2003PINTURAS ACUÁTICAS, Restaurant Silenus, Barcelona
COLLETTIVA DI MAGGIO, Galleria Borgogno, Milano
2001Personal en la Galerìa Montcada Taller, Barcelona
2000VERSIÓ FEMENINA Centre Civic Pati Llimona, Barcelona
ACERCAMIENTOS Restaurant Silenus, Barcelona
TODOS BAJO EL SOL Circolo Wadada, Rimini
1999Sala Jassera Can FestÍs, San SadurnÍ d'Anoia
Manel Castellá, Barcelona
1998CIRCOLI VIZIOSI Restaurant Silenus, Barcelona
COL·LECTIVA D'HIVERN IV Galería Safia, Barcelona
15 HIPERMERC'ART Vinçon, Barcelona
Serie de acuarelas para la expo colectiva DelicARTessen21 en la Galería Esther Montoriol. Hasta el 14 de enero 2023
Serie de plantas empezada para la expo SOGNO BOTANICO del Jardín Botánico La Concepción de Málaga en octubre 2022.
Inspired by Renaissance Masters Portraits